Blog Tag, I’m It!

Ok, I’ve been nominated for quite a few blogging “awards,” and I’m usually horrible at forwarding the virtual chain letter and nominating more people. But this is the first time I’ve ever been blog-tagged, so I’ll do my due diligence and play! I was tagged by Tanya from Green Paw-Paw, so I’ll be answering her questions.

So what’s Blog Tag? Here’s how it works:

The Rules

1. I must post the rules.

2. I must answer the questions the tagger listed for me.

3. I must create (or reuse) 11 questions for those I tag.

4. I must tag 11 people.

5. I must let them know they’ve been tagged.

The Questions

1. If you had the power to ban a certain book, or certain kinds of books, however productive the outcome may be (think Twilight or Oliver’s Story), even if you knew a huge majority of readers might thank you for it, would you?

Easy. I would love for the 50 Shades of Grey bandwagon to die a horribly violent death, so I would ban the series and revoke E.L. James’ writing license since she has certainly abused her title as an author with her crappy books. Then I would go tell all her delusional fans to visit, because that’s where this story belongs. They get their fill of poorly written, often disturbing erotica, and I never have to hear the phrase “inner goddess” again. Win-win.

2. What is one book you wish you had written?

What a question! Well, if I could have contributed a mere paragraph to Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, I’d call my life a success. But the books I wish I had written are the ones that exist as mere ideas in my notebooks. Hopefully, they’ll become more than ideas and somebody one day will wish she had written my books. Fingers crossed anyway!

3. You have finally achieved world domination and as new king/queen of the world, you need to fashion yourself a crown. But of course, you’re too cool for precious metals and the like. What would your crown be/be made of?

Um, mithril? If it’s good enough for Frodo, it’s good enough for me!

4. Have you ever wondered how a doggie biscuit tastes and wanted to try?

I guess I’ve wondered, but I’ve made doggie biscuits before, so I know they’d be pretty dry and bland. But maybe that’s just because cooking’s not my forte.

5. Is there a book that you weren’t able to complete for whatever reason, but lied about it and told people you did? Which one?

Pride and Prejudice. I’ve only read 50 pages, but I’ll nod my head when people talk about it because I’ve heard the story enough times. These conversations usually go like this: “Yes, of course, I’ve read it…Mr. Darcy? I know, what a catch…But not as good as Heathcliff, amiright? No? Well, never mind then…”

6. Your choice of instant pick-me-up food?

Mashed potatoes and gravy. Jamba Juice Caribbean Passion smoothies. Dark chocolate. Bagels. This Armenian lasagna dish called souboreg. Nutella. (Obviously, not all at once or mixed together!)

7. If there was an appendage you could add to the human anatomy (wings, talons, a tail…), what would it be?

Wings, but only if they could be retractable. I don’t need people running into each other’s wings or leaving feathers all over the place. Put those suckers back in when you’re done with them!

8. If you could go back in time and stop a famous event from taking place, what would it be and why?

I’ll be completely biased here and say the Armenian Genocide. You can read my post about this tragedy here. Knowledge is power, so do your research and help achieve global recognition. Please and thanks!

9,10,11. All the book characters you’ve ever loved are people in your immediate friend circle. Who would you turn to:

a) to make a bucket list with you and go all over the world fulfilling each item on the list?

I think that the best travel buddies would be Merry and Pippin. Second breakfasts all around!

b) to plonk down next to you on that patch of moon land you guys bought, feel awesome, and somehow keep each other from dying of boredom until the next space shuttle comes to pick you up?

Does manga count? Because in that case, I would pick Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club. He’s got a never-ending supply of energy, and he’s great eye candy too. In fact, bring the whole host club, and we’ll throw a moon party!

c) when the world thinks you’re responsible for the attack on the entire human race by some random scary evil alien monsters and you are the only one who knows what they want but nobody will listen to you and you need somebody to help you save the world?

Ender knows aliens better than anyone, but I think he might be a little twerp, so I’ll choose Artemis Fowl instead. He’s my favorite boy genius, and he’s saved the world so many times already. Can’t wait to read the finale of that series soon!


So tag you’re it! I’m too lazy to notify you all individually, and some of you might have been tagged already, so just leave your answers in the comments! [UPDATE 8/10/12: I decided not to be lazy, and now you have all been notified on your “About Me” pages…so no excuses! Play with me!]

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My Questions

1. You have been put in charge of creating a new national holiday. What’s it called, and how do we celebrate?

2. You have been given an unlimited budget to make or remake a book’s film adaptation. Which book do you choose, and who would you cast?

3. Robots have now become our personal servants, but here’s the catch. You only get one robot, and it can only do one chore. What will it be?

4. It’s stay-in-and-do-nothing-night. What’s your reality show guilty pleasure?

5. You have been given a “Death Note” (look it up) where you can write any person’s name in it and that person will die. You can even describe their death in graphic detail. But you only can write down one name…who will it be?

6. Which Disney animal sidekick would you want as a friend?

7. You’re now in charge of a celebrity’s Twitter account. Who do you want to Tweet for, and what would your first Tweet be?

8. If you were a fragrance, what would you smell like?

9. If you could eat any one food and not gain weight or overall health issues, what would you eat?

10. What’s the one phrase or cliché that drives you the craziest?

11. You’ve hit the jackpot and won a romantic evening with the sexy celebrity of your choosing, but he/she hates your favorite book. Like burned it because they just could not stand the sight of it. Proceed canoodling anyway?

Ready…Set…GO! Anyone else reading this who wasn’t tagged is more than welcome to play along! Share your answers in the comment section!

9 thoughts on “Blog Tag, I’m It!

  1. Aw, man! These questions require some thinking. I will have to discuss with Meg.

    I love your answers, though. Boo, Austen! Yay, Tolkien!

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