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I’m Alyssa Jarrett, but you can call me Book Club Babe! Since I started this blog in July 2011, I can never get enough of all things literary!

In May 2012, I received my Master’s in Mass Communication and Journalism from California State University, Fresno. I’m currently the marketing manager for a software company in the San Francisco bay area, and there’s nothing like winding down from high-tech with a good book. Hoping to find a community of fellow bookworms and share my own reviews of novels, movie adaptations, and various other topics in the world of words!

23 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Awesome blog you have here, I’ll definitely be checking back here often! 🙂
    And I must admit I have loved blogging in my short time as a blogger so far, just for that connection to other bookworms! Nice to know there are so many out there!

    • Why thank you very much! Just checked out your blog, and you’ve racked up a lot more followers than me in your short amount of time! Good job! Here’s to us being Freshly Pressed one day!

  2. BCB:
    I just read a review of a new book called The Sandcastle Girls by Chris Bohjialian and thought of your blog. The subject of the book is the Armenian genocide during World War I. Since you have an interest in raising awareness about this topic, the book seemed a good candidate for one of your reviews.

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  4. Hi Alyssa. It’s Alison from Hardcovers & Heroines. We’ve commented on each other’s blogs a few times. I wanted to invite you to write a guest post for my blog’s virtual literary road trip this summer. The link will tell you more about the project. If you are interested email me at hardcoversandheroines (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!


  5. My main hobby is reading books on ancient Roman history as well as accumulating objects from that period. What are your interests in reading books related to this time period?

    • Hi Thomas, thanks for commenting! I actually majored in Pre and Early Modern Lit with an emphasis on Ancient Greece and Rome. I also studied Latin for two years. I believe that I have even discussed Catullus on this blog 🙂

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